Who We Are


Founded by Amitai Fraiman, שָׁזוּר/Interwoven, an independent initiative fiscally sponsored under the aegis of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North-America, focused on laying the foundations for a renewed and reframed relationship between Israel and American Jewry. 


Rabbi Amitai Fraiman is American-Israeli former IDF Tank Commander. R' Fraiman co-founded “Jerusalem Midnight Biking”, an innovative bike touring company based in Jerusalem. R' Fraiman has professional and leadership experience in content development, advocacy, and relationship building in his work for Garin Tzabar and NYU Bronfman Center, The Arthur Project and most recently for LAVAN. 

Ben Zion Ferziger grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. He is a graduate of Yeshivat Har Etzion and The Hebrew University Faculty of Law, and previously taught Judaic studies at Moriah College, Sydney through the Torah Mitzion Kollel program. Ben Zion is passionate about using creative methods to deepen the mutual knowledge and understanding between Jewish communities around the world.

Ben Zion currently works as a corporate lawyer in New York.

Advisory Board

Alan Gill, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis, Rabbi Dr. Yitz Greenberg, Shira Hecht-Koller Esq., Morlie Levin, Michael Rosenzweig Esq., and Professor Jonathan Sarna.