Maya, August 18': We went on a tour of the Lower East Side with the alumni from an Israeli Government Fellowship program. It was an excellent experience to see the Jewish community in the United States and to understand why the community is so different than Israeli society. We were able to go to small streets within the Lower East Side and see the remains of beautiful antique synagogues. It really recreated an image of how Jewish life used to be in the Lower East Side. It was an incredible experience and I know that every time I will be in the Lower East Side I will look around to find the remaining Jewish artifacts. Highly recommended! 


תמר, אוגוסט , 18׳: שזור עושה עבודת קודש בחיבור בין שתי הקהילות היהודיות המרכזיות של ימינו, ישראל וארה"ב, בתהליך של למידה הדדית והכרות עם הנרטיבים והמאפיינים של כל קהילה. יש לנו כל כך הרבה ללמוד אחד מהקהילה של השני, דווקא בימים של מורכבויות בשתי הקהילות - איך להיות יהודים טובים יותר, אזרחים טובים יותר ואנשים טובים יותר


Erica, September 18': We loved partnering with Interwoven on a "Selichot Tour" walking tour of Jewish Harlem. Amitai and the team pitched the idea to our community and then worked quickly, seamlessly, and creatively to bring the idea to fruition. They are solutions-oriented collaborators - making the planning process easy and fun - and the tour drew significant interest and participation. The evening itself was fascinating, beautifully-paced, and expertly facilitated. While walking the streets of our neighborhood, it came to life in new ways thanks to the animated storytelling and infectious devotion to history of our tour guide Yitzi. All left at the end of the evening feeling uplifted and more interconnected. New friendships have bloomed from the tour, and we have since reconnected with people we met that evening over Shabbat meals and around the neighborhood.